♫…always imitated, never duplicated♥ (dernierous) wrote,
♫…always imitated, never duplicated♥


this journal is 100% friends locked.

[ ♥ ] please read my profile before you add me.
[ ♥ ] i dont mind you not commenting, but please
  let me know youre still alive from time to time.
[ ♥ ] no blank or dead livejournals, please.
[ ♥ ] make sure we have something in common.
[ ♥ ] please respect me and what i write in here. ill
  be sure to treat you the same way.
[ ♥ ] if you want to be friends with me just for my
  sales cause you think i can hook you up with
  stuff, just exit out now. i dont have time for you.

think you can stand overdose!fangirling? friend me. i dare you.
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